Karen Sanderson and Elliotts (10)Welcome to voracious editing and proofreading with exacting thoroughness.

For a year or two or three, you pour your life, your heart and soul –– your every available moment –– into a final draft, a manuscript you believe is ready for the printer.

But is it ready?

Unfortunately, an author’s final draft is far from finished and far from perfect. Whether your manuscript is 1,000 words, 10,000 words, or 100,000 words, it contains imperfections. Those imperfections –– no matter how obvious or subtle –– can embarrass you, ruin your reputation, cause a publisher to set it aside and move onto the next manuscript, or a hot prospect to seek  another service provider.

Karen R. Sanderson, The Word Shark, is an editing professional with a ravenous mind for detail and perfection. When your manuscript spends just a few extra weeks with Karen, it emerges correct, concise, and consistent, and it will stand out among the millions of other e-books and self-published books.

Whether she is working on fiction or non-fiction, print or e-books, web pages, blogs, or social networking pages –– Karen makes it PERFECT!

Trust your success to The Word Shark!

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